Re-certified / Re-furbished / Used AED's

In recent months we have had an increasing amount of enquiries from people asking if we sell used / re-certified AED's. We sometimes have ex-demonstartion or customer returned AED's that we can offer at a slightly reduced cost however we strongly advise people not to buy re-furbished or used AED's. The reasons not to buy a used/re-furbished AED - you wont always know it's history - is it stolen? - has it been abused i.e. dropped and not stored in ideal conditions? - it will usually have s shorther warranty not typically backed by the manufacturer (so if the company you have bought it from stop trading there is very little comeback) - will it be reliable in an emergency? especially if it is very old? -

To give an example one of our customers said that they had been given a quote of £649 + vat for a re-certified Lifepak CR Plus Defibrillator complete with a 3 year warranty and thought this was a great deal! Once we explained that a Lifepack CR Plus comes with an 8 year warranty when bought brand new at just £950 + vat and will need replacing once it reaches 8 years old they realised that buying a used old defibrillator was not a good idea. As is usually the case you buy cheap and buy twice!