HeartStart HS1 Trainer


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Hand delivery & set-up service

Our set-up service is only available when you purchase a live AED from us. One of our expert staff will hand deliver your AED at a pre-arranged time ensuring it is transported carefully. When we arrive on-site our staff member will un-box, set-up and test your defibrillator to ensure it is rescue ready.

We will record details from your AED such as serial number, electrode pad and battery expiry dates so we can remind you when they are due to expire.

We will then discuss and advise on the best location for your defibrillator using our site assessment form. We will also inform you of any further recommendations as a result of the site assessment.

Please note: we do not drill holes and bolt brackets or cabinets to walls.

£120 + vat per defibrillator

Automated external defibrillation (AED) user course

This course teaches the essential skills required by an AED user and gives you the confidence to know exactly what to do in this kind of emergency. If an AED is used quickly in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) survival rates can be as high as 70 – 80%. No previous first aid knowledge is necessary to attend an AED course.

The maximum group size per instructor is 12 students. We provide lots of training equipment to ensure maximum hands on learning.

Although AED’s are easy to operate it is essential staff are trained properly to ensure they are competent and confident to act in an emergency.

AED user course price £495.00 + VAT

The above special price is available when purchasing an AED and is available UK wide. If you only require training please visit www.firstrescuetraining.co.uk to book online.

See full description of this course.

Product set-up
AED training

The HS1 Trainer simulates how the HS1 will operate during a real-life sudden cardiac arrest event.
The HeartStart Trainer is easy to operate with 8 pre-programmed scenarios that mimic the HS1 defibrillator but without the shock! This product needs to be used in conjunction with the manikin adapter.
Complete with - 1 x Adult Training Pads Catridge, 1 x External Manikin Adapter Strip and 1 x Carry Case.

Warranty Pad/Electrode Life Battery life ECG Memory IP Rating Drop abuse test
1 year n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a i n/a
Demonstration of using the Philips HS1 Trainer AED on a Laerdal resuscitation manikin
Demonstration of using the Philips HS1 Trainer AED on a Laerdal resuscitation manikin

Free AED sign with each purchase

Free sign with each AED purchase!