Defibswap AED Subscription just £25 + VAT per month!

Our new all inclusive subscription is available for just £25 + vat per month!

The peace of mind of having a Philips AED that is always working

The defibswap subscription scheme is worry-free, flexible and cost-effective.

1.Worry-free – It includes maintenance, service, lifetime warranty, and free replacement if the AED has been used, or if it is chirping.

2.Flexible – You are always free to cancel: the subscription is flexible, with no obligations and no penalties or extra costs.

3.Cost-effective – The all-in costs are £25 + VAT per month (payable every 3 months). A £75+ vat deposit is required at the start of the subscription. No up-front investment is required. Over an 8 year period, the costs are equal to the costs of purchase plus a service contract.

This is how it works:

Every 2 years, your entire “old” Philips AED is collected at your doorstep and swapped out, in one go, for a fresh Philips AED unit.

Your fresh Philips AED (which is fitted with new pads and battery), is good to go for the next 2 years. Easy and worry-free.

Included in the defibswap Subscription Scheme is a free Hotswap every time your Philips AED is used for a rescue, or if is it chirping.

Our new subscription service is now available HERE

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