How to choose a defibrillator?

We are often asked for advice from customers looking at purchasing a defibrillator. In many cases it is best to call us and discuss individual requirements so we can advise on suitable equipment for your environment/workplace 0370 850 1186. At we only sell known brands that are well respected, good quality and importantly have aftersales support should an issue arise. There are many new brands emerging that are typically very cheap and look ok at face value. Questions to ask if a product seems very cheap -

  1. Where is the product manufactured and does the manufacturer have a registered office/agents in the UK? (you may find in some cases that if you have an issue you are left dealing with a company in Korea or Turkey with very little UK support)
  2. Does the device have a good proven track record?
  3. What are the ongoing cost's of ownership i.e. cost of electrodes and batteries? (you may be suprised at the high cost of consumables and in some cases short expiry dates) 
  4. How long is the warranty? 
  5. Is the product FDA Approved? 
  6. Does the AED have a specification suitable for your environment?
  7. Does the AED come with accessories such as a carry case?

When you have chosen a defibrillator that is right for the environment it will be stored/used in add up the purchase price along with accessories and the consumables it will need over a 10 year period and you will discover the true cost of your equipment. In many cases it will work out better value to buy a well respected/known brand.