Resuscitation Council UK Statement on COVID-19 in relation to CPR and resuscitation for those teaching resuscitation techniques

If you are a First Aid Trainer or training provider teaching resuscitation the UK Resuscitation Council have released a statement giving practical guidance when delivering courses in relation to COVID-19.

Whilst most companies are already doing what is required it is worth reading the guidance HERE.

Some extracts from the guidance are as follows -

  • 4.1 Replace and dispose of manikin lungs and airways after each training session 
  • 4.2 Wipe the face of the manikin with 70% alcohol wipes after each learner uses it and allow the surface to dry naturally before the next learner takes their turn 
  • 4.3 Students may use individual face shields if they so wish and they should be disposed of safely at the end of the session. The manikin chest, forehead and face can still be wiped to reduce the likelihood of hand to hand contamination.