defibswap AED subscription

Our new all inclusive subscription is available for just £25 + VAT per month!

The peace of mind of having a Philips AED that is always working

The defibswap subscription scheme is worry-free, flexible and cost-effective.

How to get your AED

Click on Subscribe Now button on this page to add subscription to your shopping cart and process to checkout.

After Credit Check OK, you pay for the first month of your subscription, and a refundable deposit of (£99).

After receipt of payment, your Philips AED will be delivered to you typically within 48 hours*.

Your Philips Heartstart HS1 AED will be supplied complete with a carry case and prep kit.

*excludes weekends and bank holidays. Also some remote areas of the UK will take a little longer.

The defibswap subscription scheme is worry-free, flexible and cost-effective.

1.Worry-free – It includes maintenance, service, lifetime warranty, and free replacement if the AED has been used, or if it is chirping.

2.Flexible – You are always free to cancel: the subscription is flexible, with no obligations and no penalties or extra costs.

3.Cost-effective – The all-in costs are £25 + VAT per month (with initial deposit of £99). No up-front investment is required. Over an 8 year period, the costs are equal to the costs of purchase plus a service contract.

This is how it works:

Every 2 years, your entire Philips AED is collected at your doorstep and swapped out, in one go, for a fresh Philips AED unit.

Your fresh Philips AED (which is fitted with new pads and battery), is good to go for the next 2 years. Easy and worry-free.

Included in the defibswap Subscription Scheme is a free Hotswap every time your Philips AED is used for a rescue, or if is it chirping.

Contribute to a sustainable and circular world

  • All our Philips AEDs are used for their full (technical) life. No unnecessary waste. Reduced pressure on the Earth’s resources.
  • Product and recycling loops are fully closed. All product (AEDs, electrode pads, batteries) are returned to defibswap to be recycled, or disposed properly.
  • Registration of your Philips AED in The Circuit, the National AED Register is included (unless you choose to opt-out).
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