Public Access Defibrillator Cabinet Health Check

As the weather gets colder this winter it is imperative to regularly check your defibrillator and external cabinet to ensure they are functioning and ready for use in an emergency. Any defibrillator kept outside in a public access cabinet should be stored at the correct operating temperature and free of damp/moisture. We recommend that you check the following areas as a minimum to ensure your cabinet is fit for use –

1. Check the lock is working correctly where fitted and that the cabinet door opens freely. Some locks can fail to work due to lack of use, corrosion etc

2. At low temperatures check that your heater is working. All outdoor AED cabinets should have a heater to protect the AED during cold weather (we do NOT recommend the use of un-heated outdoor AED cabinets as they become cold and condensation can build up leading to mould, possible damage to your AED and if your AED should fail due to improper storage you may invalidate the warranty of your AED)

3. Check that your cabinet light is functioning where fitted. Some may be battery and some mains powered.

4. Check that your cabinet alarm is working where fitted.

5. Check door seals are intact where fitted and that there are no leaks from seals.

6. Check the whole cabinet for condensation and leaks. There are many reasons for leaks and condensation but a usual culprit is holes at the back of the cabinet where screws are fixed to a wall etc. Sometimes silicone will solve this issue but there could be other reasons such as rust holes and corrosion, poor ventilation and heating or damaged seals.

7. Clean off any dirt from the inside and outside (it should be detailed in the manufacturers handbook if there are any specific cleaning recommendations and checks)

8. Check the cabinet structure for signs of corrosion, cracks, vandalism and that all stickers are clear, visible and upto date.

If you find that your cabinet requires replacement parts or if beyond economical repair then contact us for assistance on 0370 850 1186. All of the outdoor defibrillator cabinets we sell are made to last but if parts do fail or are damaged due to vandalism etc we can usually obtain spare parts and some we keep in stock.

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