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AED (Automated External Defibrillator) are a portable lightweight device designed to be used by people with minimal training on someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest.  The job of the AED is to analyse the heart rhythm to determine if it is normal or irregular.  AED’s can recognise rhythms such as ventricular fibrillation (VF) or ventricular tachycardia (VT) that are also known as Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  Once the AED has completed its analysis it will either give instructions to start CPR or to give a shock.

You don’t need to be trained to use an AED. Modern defibrillators give clear voice prompts, visual illustrations/instructions to guide the user through the rescue. There have been many instances where AED’s have been used with success by untrained rescuers. We of course strongly recommend that training is undertaken as this improves confidence and the likelihood that the user will act promptly and safely. We offer onsite Training where we come to you and deliver a 3-4 hour AED/CPR Training session, or we offer an Online Training Course.

Once your AED is switched on and attached to the casualty –
A Fully-Automatic AED will instruct you to stand clear of the patient and after a 3, 2, 1 countdown will automatically deliver the shock if required.
A Semi-Automatic AED will instruct you to stand clear of the patient and press the shock button (most shock buttons will flash to make the button obvious)
Both Fully-Automated and Semi-Automated AED’s are simple and safe to use with verbal prompts that carefully guide you through the rescue process. Read our full blog here.

All models of AED have an expiry date printed on the electrode pads some AED’s will bleep when the pads have gone out of date so please check your expiry on the pads before ordering a battery as often it’s just the pads that have expired. Some AED’s have an expiry date printed on the battery, however in some cases a battery only shows a date of manufacture. On most defibrillators there will be a battery indicator showing the life left on the battery. If you are unsure you can give us a call or refer to the manufacturers handbook. We endeavour to send reminders about pad/battery expiry wherever possible.

YES! Only 1 in 10 people survive an out of hospital Cardiac Arrest in the UK. Every minute without CPR and Defibrillation reduces chance of survival. Many Defibrillators are never used mainly because the Emergnecy Services don’t know where thy are or how to access them! Register your defibrillator on the Circuit today.

The Circuit is the National Defibrillator Network that connects defibrillators to the NHS Ambulance Services across the UK. Registering your Defibrillator /AED on the circuit is quick and easy with a few easy questions on the location and make/model of your AED along with the code from your cabinet (locked cabinets only) so if anyone calls 999 in an emergency the Ambulance service know where the AED is and how to access it. You can register your AED even if it is not for public access and just for your business/home and this way the Ambulance service know there is an AED onsite. Registering your AED with The Circuit really could be the difference between life or death.

The U.S Food & Drug Administration Approve Defibrillators/AED’s providing they meet strict quality standards.  AED’s that are not FDA Approved are not allowed to be sold into the US market.  Whilst FDA approval does not directly impact customers in the UK it is seen as a benchmark and worth considering when choosing a new AED.  You can see the full list of FDA Approved AED’s here

Firstly upon discovering that a casualty is unresponsive & not breathing normally you must call or ask somebody to call 999/112. The call handler will ask a series of questions including if there is a defibrillator available. If you are unsure as to the location of your nearest defibrillator the emergency services will inform you of the location.

When buying an AED you will need to consider where you will store it ie inside a building that is heated and not exposed to the elements – in this case you will need either an indoor bracket or an indoor cabinet depending on whether or not its going into a dusty environment, you can view our indoor storage solutions here, it is recommended that you locate your AEDs in a central place where employees etc know where it is,(ie not locked away in a cupboard), AED signs are a good way of telling everyone you have a defibrillator /AED. If you are looking at locating your AED on the outside of a building either for public access or for your own business use then you will need an outdoor AED Cabinet with heating and or light/alarm. You can view our full range of Outdoor AED Cabinets here.

No. Remember to call 999/112 in the first instance and you will be covered by advice you are given. The AED will only deliver a shock to someone that is dead.

Yes. An AED can be used on a child from 1-8 years old. Some AED’s will have separate child electrode pads that need to be connected or a switch to turn it to child/adult mode. Follow advice from your 999/112 call handler if you are unsure. In the absence of paediatric electrodes/switch then the AED can still be used on a child over 1 year old.

There are many types of Outdoor AED Cabinet and the first consideration is if you would like your cabinet to be locked (keypad lock) or unlocked? You can read our full section on how to Choose an Outdoor Cabinet here. All our outdoor AED cabinets require installation/hardwiring by a qualified electrician.

Batteries should always be disposed of correctly as they contain Lithium. You can place your old battery in a battery recycle bin that you will find at your local supermarket or household waste site. Alternatively you can send your battery back to Defibwarehouse and we will dispose of this for you.

Ordering / Paying Us.

We accept payment by Card, Bank Transfer & Cheque – please read our full payments options here

As we are an online retailer we kindly ask you to place all orders through our website. We understand that some customers need a PO on their invoice so we have added a notes box at the checkout where you can add your PO number, please follow the instructions above for Pro-forma. We only dispatch your order upon receipt of payment, this ensures the order and delivery process is handled quickly and smoothly and everyone is happy!

We do not offer credit accounts. We work a bit differently here at Defibwarehouse. If we have it in stock then you can buy it! This means that full payment must be received prior to us dispatching goods. This ensures we can run smoothly as a business ensuring our suppliers get paid on time as well. We understand that some customers cannot pay online for orders so please refer to the question above (I Need a Pro-Forma Invoice How do I get one). Please note we DO NOT pre sell any goods or take payment for any items we do not have in stock.

Some Charities may be able to order equipment from us VAT Exempt, please check the current guidelines on the Government website for eligibility, you would need to send us a VAT Exemption Certificate along with proof of your Charity number/status and email it to sales@defibwarehouse.co.uk so that we can send you an invoice with the VAT removed.

We work differently here at Defibwarehouse – if we have it in stock you can buy it! This way you can rest assured that your order is going to arrive as stated. We have high standards as a business and do not believe in taking customers money with no confirmed lead times for products! If a product is out of stock you can sign up to the email alert by adding your email address into the alert system ‘Notify me when it’s back’ on the product page. Where we have confirmed lead times or know product s are on their way to us we will allow back orders and as soon as stock arrives your order will ship.


Delivery is FREE if you are spending over £100+VAT to most mainland UK areas (exceptions apply to Highlands and Islands) You can view our full delivery information here. Free delivery is a standard 7 day service. If you need an item quicker (in stock items only) then you can select a 1-2 day delivery service for £10.00 including VAT (Exceptions apply).

Yes! We deliver to Northern Ireland and the cost is £15+VAT on a standard 2-4 day service. Unfortunately we cannot deliver to Southern Ireland at the moment.

Our shipping charges on orders under £100+VAT are £5.95+VAT.(exceptions apply) We use DPD Courier service for all parcels even for small items – this ensures your order can be tracked every step of the way and proof of delivery can be obtained in way of a photograph and a pinpoint location. We have tried many courier/postal options and find DPD to be the best way to ensure our customers receive their parcels on time and in one piece!

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