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cardiac science

The earliest Cardiac Science company was founded in 1913 by F.F. Burdick and F.A. Anderson. The Burdick Company, as it was then known, developed the first infrared lamp for medical use. The company went on to become a pioneer in electrocardiograph technology and the preferred ECG brand among clinicians – a position Burdick, now a Cardiac Science brand, still holds today.

In 1953, Wayne Quinton teamed with Dr. Robert Bruce, who developed the very first clinical protocol that enabled consistent and repeatable cardiac testing at an elevated heart rate. Quinton invented the first mechanical treadmill expressly designed for this application. Together, the innovations formed the genesis of modern cardiac stress testing.

Cardiac Science, Inc, was formed in 1991 to develop FDA-approved rhythm-analysis software (RHYTHMx), the foundation for the first fully automatic bedside defibrillator. The Powerheart defibrillator was able to treat life-threatening arrhythmias without the need for human intervention. In 2001, Cardiac Science acquired Survivalink and its STAR biphasic AED technology. The company consolidated all AED production under the Powerheart brand and now, with 80 Powerheart patents, these AEDs include some of the most technologically advanced, easiest-to-use features in the field. In 2019 Cardiac Science was purchased by ZOLL Medical Corporation.

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