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In 1966 the first mobile defibrillator unit was introduced in Belfast, under the medical direction of Dr. Pantridge and Dr. Geddes at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. A mains (AC) powered defibrillator was powered by an inverter, which converted a 12V car battery to 230 volts. The system weighed 110 lbs., which made it difficult to move and cumbersome to operate. However, significant improvements to outcomes of sudden cardiac arrest patients were soon observed.

In the 1990s HeartSine Technologies Formed

John Anderson founded HeartSine in 1998 in conjunction with a group of investors to further the development of portable cardiac defibrillators based on his early Belfast experience. While lightweight defibrillators were providing the type of instruments required by medical personnel, there was a clear need to develop defibrillators that non-professional users with minimal training could use to save lives.

Heartsine are the UK’s only manufacturer of defibrillators.

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