AED Loan Service

When you purchase an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) from us with product support you are automatically covered by our loan service.

If your AED needs to be returned to the manufacturer for service or repair under warranty the manufacturer will send you a loan machine directly or a replacement AED depending on individual circumstances and the policy of the manufacturer.
In the event that the manufacturer does not or is unable to offer this service we will send you a loan AED to borrow for upto 4 weeks.

As we hold a large stock of loan machines we can guarantee to have a replacement AED with you within 24-48hrs.

Question and answers:

Q: How many years does the loan service cover my new AED for?
A: When you buy a new AED from us with product support the loan service will cover you until the manufacturer’s warranty expires. This period can vary from 5 – 10 years typically.

Q: How will my loan AED be delivered?
A: We use a next day courier service to ensure we can track your parcel. Your AED will be rescue ready when you take it out of the box. Please keep all packaging as this will be required to return the unit.

Q: What if our loan machine is used in a rescue?
A: If your loan machine is used in a real rescue you will be responsible for the cost of new electrode pads and consumables used to put the machine back into service.

Q: Who is responsible for the loan machine if it is damaged, lost or stolen?

A: You are responsible for the cost or repair or replacement if the loan machine is damaged, lost or stolen.

Rent a Defibrillator

If you are looking to rent an AED we offer several options to suit individual requirements.

Cardiac Science G3 Elite ZOLL AED Plus Fully-Automatic
Option 1 – Weekly Rental £195 + vat £195 + vat
Option 2 – Monthly Rental £300 + vat £300 + vat

Included with your AED Rental:

  • Adult defibrillation pads
  • AED Prep kit (includes CPR mask, shears, gloves)
  • AED carry case where required

Not included with your AED rental:

  • Paediatric pads available upon request at extra charge where this applies.
  • Delivery and return. We charge £20 + vat to cover delivery and collection in mainland UK. Please note that if we need to re-attempt delivery or collection extra charges may apply.

Other makes and model of AED are also available upon request.

Our AED rental service is very flexible and we can tailor this service to suit individual requirements. You may need an AED for a sporting event, festival, summer camp or be looking to rent your AED long term, we can help!

Please call us to discuss your requirements on 0330 043 5818 or Contact us.

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