AED Site Assessment Form

Is your workplace/facility large and or spread over a wide area or several floors?

Does your workplace contain a large number of staff and or visitors?

Has there been a history of sudden cardiac arrest in the workplace or facility?

We have an assessment form that you can download, complete and return to us. This will help us advise you on how many defibrillators should be installed, AED locations, type of AED’s suitable for people using the facility and training required.

It is vital that AED’s are correctly positioned to ensure maximum benefit should the need arise to use them.

When a person suffers a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) it is essential that resuscitation and defibrillation are not delayed. Each minute that passes after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest, the patient’s chance of survival drops by 10%.

Don’t leave it to chance we can help you organise your AED programme.

Self Assessment Form - Free download
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