Do you own a Lifepak CR Plus Defibrillator?

Do you own a Lifepak CR Plus Defibrillator that requires a new Charge-PAK and electrode pads?

Unfortunately the manufacturer is not able to supply enough stock into the UK to ensure that all customers can keep their defibrillators in operation. We have seen a huge shortage of supply during 2021 and would advise customers that it is now time to upgrade to a new device.

We can advise on the the best type of defibrillator that will suit your environment but if you are keen to buy a new defibrillator that will both upgrade the specification and be easy to maintain then the ZOLL AED Plus Semi-Automatic or ZOLL AED Plus Fully-Automatic is a fantastic option for most environments.

Unlike the Lifepak CR-Plus the ZOLL AED Plus uses 10 x Lithium Duracell 123a batteries that last upto 5 years in the device and can be purchased from most major retailers avoiding the need to rely on the manufacturer for a special battery pack. The Adult CPRD elctrode pads also last for upto 5 years plugged into your device in standby so maintenance really is minimal in terms of frequency and cost

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