Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinets

We are seeing more and more customers that have purchased defibrillator cabinets for outdoor use that are unfit to cope with cold wet conditions. Please ensure when purchasing a cabinet for your lifesaving defibrillator that it is weatherproof, heated and designed to protect your defibrillator outdoors! Some companies are selling indoor/unheated cabinets labelled as suitable for outdoor use but beware! Defibrillator manufacturers have storage and operating temperature guidelines to ensure the defibrillator is ready to work in an emergency. Improper storage can damage your defibrillator and lower the battery life. If you need honest and impartial advice speak to us first! We have a full range of outdoor defibrillator cabinets to suit most budgets and all conditions.

DefibStore 4000 Secure Outdoor AED Cabinet
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