Have you purchased a defibrillator from a supplier that has no stock???

We are seeing more and more enquiries from customers checking if our products are actually in stock. Many customers are telling us that they have purchased goods via suppliers that show products as been in stock when they are NOT! We know that this is misleading and typically suppliers will inform the customer that products are not in stock after taking money or when you start to chase for a delivery date. In some cases customers have informed us that they have been waiting over 6 months for goods ordered! To us this is very worrying as there is the possibility that the company, charity or organisation you have paid may go bust taking your money with them!

What can you do?

So if you have a defibrillator or parts on order with a supplier and have been quoted a long lead time then check our website to see if it is in stock. If our website shows as in stock then the products are physically on our shelf and available to order. If our website shows as out of stock you can sign upto our mailing list so we can inform you once it is back in stock.  Many customers are purchasing from us and cancelling orders placed with other suppliers that can’t deliver. In most cases products are better value and you make a saving!

We don’t take back orders due to the volatility in the AED market as some manufacturers are having difficulty with raw materials for production etc. The knock on effect is that in some cases manufacturers are not able to give accurate lead times.

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