AED Protect Outdoor AED Cabinet!

(BRAND NEW) AED Protect Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinet Locked has been designed to our exacting standards to provide a high quality, secure storage for your external defibrillator!

Available from stock w/c 7th February.

During the past 12 months we have found the demand for external defibrillator cabinets has risen dramatically and many of our existing suppliers simply can’t cope with increased production leading to long delays. For this very reason we decided to have our own product manufactured to have more control over quality and reduce any possible delays. During the design process we wanted to produce a product that was large enough for any AED on the market with or without a carry bag that looks good, performs as it should and is easy to maintain. This was a simple process mostly! The end result is great and the cabinets are built to last with a 10 year structural guarantee. The heater, lock and light have a separate 5 year guarantee but the great thing is that they are easy to replace. Manufactured right here in the UK!

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