Running costs of the Schiller FRED PA1 Fully-Automatic Defibrillator (25p + vat per day)

When purchasing a new AED (Automated External Defibrillator) it is worth working out the ongoing costs to replace batteries and pads. For a quick example of how to work out the basic purchase and running costs of an AED we are focusing on the Schiller FRED PA1 Fully-Automatic Defibrillator over a 12 year period –

Purchase cost of the Schiller FRED PA1 Fully-Automatic AED is £865 + vat (this AED comes complete with adult electrode pads with 2-3 year shelf life, a battery that has a 6 year standby life and a 10 year AED warranty) Please note that at we purchase a full extended warranty from the manufacturer at point of purchase ensuring every device has the maximum 10 year warranty. Many sellers only include a 2 year warranty as this is cheaper for them but not good for you!

Adult Electrode Pads need replacing every 3 years or when they expire whichever is sooner at a cost of £31 + vat

The battery will need replacing every 6 years or when this runs low due to use, storage conditions etc at a cost of £125 + vat per unit

Initial cost to purchase £865 + vat + £93 + vat in electrodes and £125 + vat for a battery = £1083 + vat in total (this gives you a running cost of just 25 pence + vat per day including the initial purchase cost)

Prices correct on 15th January 2022. Prices above are all full prices without any discount applied.

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