iPAD SP1 Recall

CU Medical Systems initiated a recall because the update provided as part of a previous corrective action (MHRA Ref.: 2021/002/001/601/002), did not satisfactorily solve the issue.

CU Medical Systems has identified an issue with the battery meter on a specific batch of the CU-SP1 AED (Automated External Defibrillator) that may cause the battery level indicator to show a lower value than the true value.

The cause of the issue has been identified and a fix is available via an re-install. This software re-install will be done by a trained engineer at no cost to the customer.

To see if your device is affected you will need to check your software version.

How to find your software version:

  1. Hold down the ‘i’ button on your device for 2 seconds, or until it beeps.
  2. The device will then begin diagnostics. Please wait until you hear the device say “Software Version”.
  3. The first three digits is the software version of the device.

For example: “Software Version…. 1…1…0…0…0…0…1…0…0”

The software version in this example is 1.10

SP1 Semi Automatic SP1 Fully Automatic
Software version Software version Action
1 – 1.41 1 – 1.10 Please click here for further information and arrange your booking
1.42 1.20 No action required
1.43 – 1.50 1.21 – 1.30 Please click here for further information and arrange your booking
1.51 and above 1.31 and above No action required

Any queries or questions that you have about the process should be directed to CU Medical Services using the contact details below-

Phone: 0333 011 5704

Email: helpdesk@cumedical.services

At defibwarehouse.co.uk we have contacted any affected customers directly but if you own an iPAD SP1 please check your software version using the above method and take corrective action if required.

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