Should I store a defibrillator outdoors in an unheated cabinet?

The short answer is NO. We are seeing many public access defibrillators stored in inappropriate cabinets that are not designed for use outdoors. The one in our picture is a mild steel indoor cabinet with no temperature control (this could render the lifesaving defibrillator useless during low temperatures)

Some online sellers are advertising products as outdoor cabinets that are not fit for purpose (i.e. unheated). All of our outdoor cabinets are weatherproof and are temperature controlled. If situating a defibrillator outdoors it should be in an appropriate cabinet that is powered usually by mains electricity or solar power to ensure that the defibrillator stored inside is at the correct operating temperature.

If installing a defibrillator outdoors please choose a cabinet that will protect your AED properly. Prolonged extremes of temperature can prevent your AED from proper functioning, the AED may fail it’s self test and give a warning. In some cases the AED may develop a fault (if a fault develops due too improper storage the manufacturer may not cover this under warranty)

Please view our cabinet guide for helpful information and further reading.

Should I store a defibrillator outdoors in an unheated cabinet?
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