Ensure your AED is protected this winter

As we head into winter and the temperature starts to drop it’s important to check your AED!

Most modern AED’s perform automatic self tests daily or weekly and indicate if they are ready for use. Some can be connected to the internet for remote monitoring but most require a human being to check if the AED is ready and working.  A simple weekly or daily check of the status indicator is important. Pads and batteries should also be replaced when they expire.

If your AED is stored outdoors it should be protected by an outdoor heated cabinet. Check that the cabinet has power and the heater is working. Condensation inside the cabinet or mould growth on the equipment is a sign the cabinet requires urgent attention or replacement. Unheated cabinets are not recommended for outdoor use as sub zero temperatures may affect the immediate performance of the AED, cause battery drain and may void the warranty of your AED if a fault develops due to improper storage.

AED’s stored in motor vehicles should be moved to a warmer place when the vehicle is not in use during cold weather.

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