Laerdal Mini Anne Plus(10) unicolor – 10 pack


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Laerdal Mini Anne Plus(10) unicolor – 10 pack 

The inflatable mini anne kit offers fantastic value enabling mass CPR training at low cost. This kit is ideal for schools and community groups being lightweight these are easy to transport from one training location to the next. The Mini Anne Plus kit is designed to increase efficiency while maintaining quality CPR education. With improved reusable manikins now in a class set, Mini Anne Plus is the ideal solution for CPR training.

Kit includes:
10 x Mini Anne Plus CPR manikins (light skin)
1 x Carry bag
10 x Pump bags
10 x Kneel mats
2 x Mesh collection bags
10 x Replacement face skins
50 x Replacement airways
50 x Manikin wipes