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Cardiac Science G5 Trainer AED with CPR

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The Cardiac Science G5 Trainer AED to simulate the functions of the Cardiac Science G5 with CPRD (Fully and Semi Automatic versions).

HypaGuard Resuscitation Face Shield
Powerheart G5 CPRD Fully Automatic AED


Cardiac Science G5 Trainer AED with CPR

This G5 AED Training Device simulates the function of these Cardiac Science Corporation AED models:

  • Powerheart® G5 Automatic with CPRD
  • Powerheart® G5 Semi-automatic with CPR

The AED Training Device is a simulated AED for teaching basic rescue skills and correct defibrillation procedure to first responders who use Cardiac Science AEDs

The AED Training Device can:

  • Simulate each rescue stag
  • Change rescue scenarios (three rescue scenarios are available)
  • Create simulated cardiac rescue scenarios, both shockable and non-shockable instructors operate the AED Training Device by remote control.

AED Training Device Parts

The AED Training Device has the same general external features as a rescue AED.

Please note: The AED Training Device uses special training pads only to demonstrate proper pad placement. Training pads cannot deliver a shock or provide feedback. The AED Training Device may be configured for semi-automatic or automatic operation. Refer to the appropriate rescue AED User’s Guide for detailed descriptions of parts of a rescue AED.