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  6. Laerdal Baby Anne Airway (lungs) pk24

Laerdal Baby Anne Airway (lungs) pk24

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£18.00 (excl.VAT)
£21,60 (incl.VAT)

The Laerdal Baby Anne Disposable non-rebreathing airways/lungs with one-way valve are changed after each class for maximum instructor convenience and student safety.
Package includes 24 airways.

Laerdal Little Junior Airway Complete pk25
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Laerdal Baby Anne Airways / lungs pk 24

For use with

Remember to order either 130-10050 Face Connector 5-pack or 130-10450/130-10550 Faces 6-Pack Light/Dark if you are going to use the Airways on a 050xxx Baby Anne (striped pants).