Philips HS1 Trainer AED with Remote Control

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The NEW Philips HeartStart AED Trainer Unit (HS1) with RC (Remote Control) needs no metal straps on the manikins chest and no internal adapters to work properly.

Download the manual for Trainer Unit with Remote Control

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Philips HS1 Trainer AED with Remote Control

THE NEW PHILIPS HEARTSTART AED TRAINER UNIT (HS1) WITH RC (REMOTE CONTROL) NEEDS NO METAL STRAPS ON THE MANIKIN’S CHEST AND NO INTERNAL ADAPTERS TO WORK PROPERLY. By pressing a Remote Control (RC) button, Instructors can move back and forth between connection phase (placing of the pads on the chest) and analysis phase as needed. Full control during the training session: the instructor can be confident that no embarrassing interruptions will occur. It also eliminates the costs, and hassle, of internal and external adapters

USE… Button ‘A’ Once the trainee has applied the electrode pads on the chest correctly, the instructor presses button “A” for the Trainer Unit to proceed immediately from the “apply electrode pads” phase to the “analysis” phase; Button ‘B’ In case the trainee, whilst the Trainer Unit is in the analysis phase, accidentally has removed (or moved) the electrode pads, the instructor presses button “B” for the Trainer Unit to reverse to the previous phase (apply electrode pads) immediately. Please note, one specific RC matches just one specific Trainer Unit. Both units are identified by the same code. This unique code can be found at the back of both devices – and should be identical. Before use, please apply the sticker “PULL” to the training electrode cartridge (only for HS1). Then insert 4 AA batteries at the back of the trainer (AA batteries for the Trainer Unit are not included in the package).

The battery for the RC, type 23A 12V, is included in the package. To start, press the blue I-button to select one of the eight pre-programmed scenarios. A brief summary of these scenarios is printed at the back of the Trainer Unit. When using the Philips HeartStart AED Trainer Unit with RC for the first time, connecting the RC to the Training Unit could take more than a few seconds. To connect instantly, please press button A on the RC. A soft click is produced to confirm the connection is established successfully. Please make sure both batteries of the Training Unit and the RC are charged sufficiently before commencing a training session. Since the “real” Philips HeartStart AED is not equipped with a RC, the trainees should be made aware of this. As an option, the instructor could keep the RC in a pocket. During training sessions, the AED Trainer Unit will adapt the pace of instructional prompts to the pace of the trainee. If you are using an external or internal adapter(s), press button “A” on the RC in case the electrode pads are not recognised. This way, the RC serves as backup, preventing training sessions from stalling. Just like the “real” AED, during the two minutes CPR phase, the Trainer Unitcannot be reset to the analysis phase by pressing button “A” on the RC. First, the trainee should finish the compulsory 2 minutes duration of the CPR cycle. Very occasionally, the Trainer Unit proceeds to the analysis phase even before the instructor presses the “A” Button. This can happen if the wires of the electrode pads are being strangled. Re-organise the wires and start again. Except for the RC Unit as described above, it is important to understand that the Philips Trainer Unit with RC is identical to the standard Philips Trainer Unit without RC in every respect.

Download the Manual  Trainer Unit with Remote Control

watch the video on how to use the HS1 Trainer

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