Can I store a defibrillator outdoors in freezing conditions?

Yes you can store an Automated External Defibrillator outdoors providing it is stored correctly according to the manufacturers guidelines. Your AED should be stored in a temperature controlled enclosure/cabinet keeping your AED within the manufacturers recommended operating temperature guidelines typically 0-50 degrees celsius for most models. Storage temperature guidelines are lower and not intended for operational AED’s.

As the weather gets colder this winter it is important to regularly check your defibrillator and external cabinet to ensure they are functioning and ready for use in an emergency. Any defibrillator kept outside in a public access cabinet should be stored at the correct operating temperature and free of damp/moisture. Most outdoor AED cabinets are heated and mains or solar powered to provide temperature control. We strongly recommend that un-heated cabinets are NOT used outdoors as they do not maintain the correct operating temperature in freezing conditions.  To prolong the life of your AED and ensure it is ready for use in an emergency it should NOT be stored below freezing or above 60 degrees celsius (please refer to the manufacturers handbook for guidance on your specific model)

Can I store my AED in a vehicle? You can store an AED in a car/van etc but again temperature is important. The passenger compartment is usually warmer than the boot in winter when the vehicle is in use. If temperatures are likely to fall below freezing it is advisable to take the AED indoors. In cases where temperature is hot remember that a car left in the sun will get much hotter than the outside temperature so again may need removing from the vehicle.

Many popular AED’s on the market conduct regular daily or weekly self tests. In some cases if the AED temperature falls below 0 degrees celsius the unit might alert you by beeping or chirping. Follow the manufacturers guidance and bringing the unit indoors to warm up.

If you do not have any power available to hard wire a cabinet into electricity we do have a Solar Power cabinet option available


If you need advice on storing your AED contact us for assistance on 0330 0435 818.

AED Protect Solar Powered Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinet
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