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Laerdal Little Junior QCPR Manikin 4 Pack (Dark Skin)

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The Laerdal Little Junior QCPR manikin Dark Skin pack of 4
Real-time CPR feedback
Intelligent scoring and guidance
QCPR race competition
Finish every training session with an informal and fun QCPR race.
Rock solid connection

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Laerdal Little Family of QCPR Manikins 136-01050
Laerdal Little Junior QCPR Manikin 4 Pack


The Laerdal Little Junior 4 pack of QCPR manikins (Dark Skin)


• 4 Dark Skin manikins
• 8 manikin faces
• 8 airways
• 24 manikin wipes
• 4 jackets for manikins
• Soft carrying case

The Laerdal Little Junior with objective feedback and scoring, learners are motivated not only to compete with one another, but also to try to beat their own best score. The competition element makes training more engaging and interactive and has been demonstrated to improve motivation.  In addition to the traditional way of using performance metrics to display a score at the end of the session, Little Junior QCPR can also be used to run QCPR Race, a completely new and innovative way of engaging learners in CPR training.

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