Should I buy or Rent a defibrillator??

We have recently seen an increase in customers calling us to ask should they buy or rent a defibrillator. In response we have provided an example below to help you make up your mind –

Should we buy or rent?
The most cost effective option in most cases is to purchase outright. We are seeing more companies offering rental at daily rates of £1 but let us look closer at this to get a full picture.

Outright purchase –
E.g. you can buy the Heartsine 360P defibrillator from us at just £675+ vat.
The routine maintenance required for the Heartsine defibrillator is replacement of the PAD-PAK every 4 years/when expired or used. Our current cost for this part is £94 + vat and a user can easily replace this in seconds.

Rental –
One of our customers requested a quote to rent the same defibrillator from another supplier at £1 + vat per day over 5 years and this worked out at a whopping £1825 + vat!! When they asked about maintenance they were quoted £0.50+ vat per day adding a further £912.50+ vat (this did NOT include the price of replacement parts!!) so total cost without including consumables is now £2737.50+ vat!!

In many cases there are other charges such as upfront deposit and exiting fees if you terminate early. With rental you will be in a contract  so we urge you to read the small print and add up all costs before making a very costly mistake.

Our customer that decided to purchase from us outright saved over £2062.50 + vat by making the right choice.

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