Should I buy or Rent a defibrillator??

We have recently seen an increase in customers calling us to ask should they buy or rent a defibrillator. In response we have provided an example below to help you work out costs involved –

Should we buy or rent?
The most cost effective option in most cases is to purchase outright. We are seeing more companies offering rental of budget AED’s at daily rates of £1 but let us look closer at this to get a fuller picture.

Outright purchase –
E.g. you can buy the Heartsine 360P defibrillator from us at just £775+ vat.
The routine maintenance required for the Heartsine defibrillator is replacement of the PAD-PAK every 4 years/when expired or used. Our current cost for this part is £125 + vat and a user can easily replace this in seconds.

Rental –
One of our customers requested a quote to rent the same defibrillator from another supplier at £1 + vat per day over 5 years and this worked out at a whopping £1825 + vat!! When they asked about maintenance they were quoted £0.50+ vat per day adding a further £912.50+ vat (this did NOT include the price of replacement parts!!) so total cost without including consumables is now £2737.50+ vat!!

In many cases there are other charges such as upfront deposit and exiting fees if you terminate early. With rental you will be in a contract so we urge you to read the small print to ensure you are getting a fair deal. Please be aware that many companies will tie you into a 3-5 year contract with a rollover clause.

Our customer that decided to purchase from us outright saved over £2042.50 + vat by making the right choice.

We realise that some customers prefer to rent as there are benefits over outright purchase therefore we will be launching a new defibrillator rental option in 2023 with no long contract, quality brands and transparent pricing!


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