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Philips HeartStart HS1 Indoor AED Package Deal

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£1 302,00 (incl.VAT)

Philips HeartStart HS1 Indoor AED Package Deal


Philips HeartStart HS1 Defibrillator with Slim carry case, AED Protect (High quality) Indoor White cabinet, AED protect responder kit & Plastic 3D Wall Sign only at Defibwarehouse!

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Defibtech Lifeline View Adult Electrode Pads (1 set)
Defibtech Lifeline View AED Standard Battery

Philips HeartStart HS1 Indoor AED Package Deal

This fantastic package has been created for use in an indoor setting where adults are present.


Designed for the ordinary person in the extraordinary situation. Philips HeartStart HS1 defibrillator acts as your personal coach to guide you through the process of treating a victim of suspected sudden cardiac arrest. The HS1 AED provides real-time guidance through simple, step-by-step voice commands and CPR coaching if selected.

Key Features

Always ready for rescue – Daily automatic self tests of internal circuitry, waveform delivery system, pads cartridge, and battery capacity gives you confidence in knowing regular checks are happening in the background. It performs more than 85 self-tests monthly, weekly and daily (including the proper functioning of the electrode pads). If one of the self tests fails, the device will start chirping loudly to warn that it is no longer ready-for-use. After pressing the flashing blue i button, the device will tell you what action is needed. Its extensive self-test routines and loud warnings make sure you can trust that the Philips HS1 defibrillator is always ready-to-go if needed.

Status indicator – Blinking green “Ready” light indicates ready for use. Audible “chirp” indicates the need for maintenance. Checking that your Philips HS1 Defibrillator is ready for rescue could not be easier!

Quick Shock –  Able to deliver a shock after the end of a CPR interval, typically in eight seconds. The user is required to press the shock button when prompted but remember the AED will only deliver the shock if needed!

Fast shocks to improve treatment success
The European Resuscitation Council recommends never to interrupt CPR for more than 10 seconds (ERC Official 2015 Resuscitation Guidelines). With a time-to-shock of only 8 seconds, the Philips HS1 defibrillator is among the fastest at delivering shock treatment after CPR periods.

CPR Coaching – When prompted by the AED the user is asked to press the i button if they require help with CPR. Once pressed the AED will give CPR prompts and an audible metronome will help the user to perform chest compressions at the correct rate. This feature is essential to assist the rescuer deliver CPR at the correct rate for optimum performance.

SMART electrode pads – Recognise when they have been removed from the cartridge and are attached to the patient

Paediatric function – Can be used on children 1-8 year old with paediatric pads

Waveform – SMART Truncated exponential biphasic. Waveform parameters adjusted as a function of patient impedance

The Philips HeartStart HS1 Defibrillator is so simple to use and maintain and these are just some or the reasons we love it!

Innovation is Philips’ trade mark – more than 2 million AEDs sold worldwide
“I am proud of the long and successful history of our automated external defibrillators – also known as AEDs – which have helped save lives every day for the past two decades. Today, July 3rd, 2019, we reached the incredible milestone of having shipped a total of two million AEDs worldwide, and we will continue to innovate and provide our customers with reliable easy-to-use lifesaving technology.”
Frans Van Houten – CEO, Philips

Its unparalleled ease-of-use sets the Philips HS1 apart: it is the only FDA Over-The-Counter approved AED in the world!

AED Protect Indoor Cabinet

New to the market is the AED Protect Indoor white AED Cabinet, its high quality unique design sets it apart from all other indoor cabinets.

Manufactured in the UK keeping quality high and carbon footprint low!

AED Protect Responder Kit

These basic essential items should always be stored with any AED. Our prep kit includes a resusable CPR pocket mask and protective gloves to give the rescuer protection during CPR. Scissors for removal of clothing and a paper towel to dry the chest. Also a prep razor for removal of body hair prior to attaching electrodes.

3D Plastic Wall sign

The AED / Defibrillator 3D Wall Sign is made from light weight plastic perfect to ensure that your AED can easily be located in an emergency.

This package deal is a saving of £50!!

Weight 1.5 kg

1.5 kg


8 years

Pad/Electrode Life

2 years for adult pad cartridge

Battery life

4 years standby life




15 Minutes

IP Rating


Drop abuse test

1 meter

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